Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lions Red and Gold

NOTE WELL: I removed the links to the individual chapters that were here. I have updated and edited some of the chapters and I will begin to link them on a new post. This is the post that has the current chapters.


I'm writing an historical fiction book called Lions Red and Gold about the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings. Here are some links to finished chapters. There's loads of inspiration to share. Maybe I'll share some more. But my main effort will be to finish off chapters.

Some inspirational images I have used:

11th Century Kievan Rus'

Melie the young and pretty ass:

Photo by Aylishliane

A prayer before battle:

Photo by Kateřina Kellerová

Medieval Norse village:

Artist's rendering of a Viking similar to Harald Hardråde Sigurdsson, the brother of St. Olaf, and King of Norway.

Vikings by Tran Thanh 

Here is a ruin that resembles the Monastery at St. Florentine. This one is in Tuscany, but the structure is similar.

Here is the drawing that inspired Imogen:

Morganez de Gwened by Gambargin

Here is pretty Val aux Clercs, a real Norman manor house in Le Sap Andre, where the two Longchamps live:

Here is the blazon of our Nesta Mortimer:

Here is the real Bamburgh Castle, now located on the site of the Mortimer's Bamburg House in the book: