Monday, November 18, 2019

Little Miracles

I posted this story before but I've fixed a lot of the verse.

At dawn the cocks did crow. And bantam Ebren added in his little voice to the refrain. The monks attended to their early prayers and chores, then came together for a morning prayer and breaking fast.

Each brother had his purview and Guy minded well coneygarth, the home to rabbits was it be. He fed them and then cleaned their little home. He brought the mess to compost there behind the second barn, the one that’s painted grey.

He lingered with the rabbits afterwards for precious moments take’d; his secret joy. He stroked the doe that he had named Biche-Tachetée (for she was brown with spots of white.) She was his pet and he’d be sorely gutted when to kill, to clean and dress her when her time became; but she would be delicious nonetheless.

In these three ages of the life this eyesome doe did Guytonnet reflect upon the days and nights and seasons of the World, and the births and deaths of men, and rise and fall of kings and even nations. All these things: the man, the king and country rose and fell anon.

God alone Eternal be.

Today would be the Service of eld St. Addai, he of Edessa were. He was a faithful servant of Our Lord whilst Christ was still a man who trode the World. This were a thousand years ago! There in Edessa lived a goodly king who was named Abgar. He had fallen ill with something horrid but the Scriptures don’t record its name. King Abgar sent his messenger unto St. Thomas, begging for Lord Jesus to come heal him. He could not be spared, but vested elseway into St. Addai healing power to abey the pox of sick and feeble men. Addai did heal King Abgar and the king was overcome by this great miracle. Right then and there did Abgar pledge convert to Christianity. All his people likewise underwent conversion when they heard about the miracle Addai performed through righteous power of Lord Jesus.

In those days, there were many great miracles that did inspire men around the realm to love and fear the Lord. But in our days we witness miracles as well, as Father did he shew. An instance close at hand is that the simple rabbit in the coneygarth: She makes with rabbit scat the fertile earth to feed the case of men.

She dost provide good counsel to the heart while she doth breathe, as Guy well knows.. She, when she in good season, issues forth a myriad of kits to bring her linage to forth. And in her noble end, she does make a hasenpfeffer dish with leafy dress to satisfy a king, and feedeth man again. And all these things did God put upon the Earth for Adam and his issue to enjoy in such a tiny pretty.

Multiplying out these miracles of life and death and of the time and season, Guytonnet could scarcely understand how anyone across Creation coulds’t deny the Lord our God His due. These miracles, of petty scale but great repeatability, easily a measured up to eld St. Addai’s great work!

Already Guy were on his knees and so he offered up a quiet prayer: “Lord Jesus, help me recognize that all my life’s miraculous.Me help appreciating You in every tittle, every jot, in all my earthly days. Amen.”

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