Saturday, March 24, 2018

Making a DM's Screen Part 2

When last we left our DM's screen, we had decided that there would be one DM-side panel that is permanent. Here it is:

Here is the PDF file.
Here is the Word file.

Now I started to lay out the player's side. The first panel, one that goes sort of in the middle, will be the basic info: Attack matrix, Save matrix, and the steps for Exploration Turns, Combat Rounds, and Wilderness Days.

The next panel will begin the listing of all the common equipment that will be available in the village or little town. All the stuff adventurers might need (as opposed to want, which might only be available in the Big City.

Panel 2 has adventuring equipment, transport, and tack and harness.

Panel 3 has arms and armor. 

I have a terrible sense of color, so maybe someone can suggest to me what colors to use for these panels?

There is a 4th panel for the player's side, but I haven't decided what to put on it yet. It has one item so far: an Alchemical Items shopping list.  

Here is the Word file for reference. It is not done. When it is done, this link will lead to it.

So those are the four panels that go on the player side!

In the next few days, I'll take some pictures of the physical prop as I construct it and give a step by step actual build report.

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