Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mythical Journeys Adventure Game

+Shane Ward (his website) encouraged me to share my version of the D&D rules again here on the site. It's not for sale anywhere and it's not up on DriveThru or anything. But in case you want to know what we like to play at my house, here is my rule set. Over the past, oh, week, my spare time was consumed by another fantasy project, so I have been neglecting to oblige him.

There is only one book, which is the Player's Guide. About two years ago, I lost the original docs for my monsters and treasure book. My friend Jeff J., who is my editor and layout artist, sent me the PDFs but I never got back to that. And I have never gotten around to explaining how to make wilderness and dungeon adventures. Nothing sinister, just never did it. Anyway, you guys know what all that stuff is by now.

Finally, and this is important, here is the errata document. The main thing is that there is a bad misprint on Table 4, and this document has the real Table 4 in it.

I hope it has ideas you can use, and that it can spark your imagination when you make your own rules, too!

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