Saturday, March 9, 2019

Becoming Orcish

Orcs are not a race. Orcishness is an affliction that will sometimes happen to groups of people. It spreads like a strange disease, but many of its sufferers do not care to be cured.

What happens when you're Orcish:

  • Gain Darkvision to 6"
  • Gain a 1d6 melee attack barehanded
  • Fight and Save as a Fighting-Man of your level
  • Speak a cool new language
  • Really please the ladies without even trying very hard

  • Become completely incurious. Lose all casting abilities 
  • Get -1 to all rolls in daylight or bright lighting

Mixed Bag:
  • Your stats are set to S 16, I 5, W 5, D No Change, Co 16, Ch 5. So if you depend on mental stats, you're doomed.

How to become Orcish: Spend a week with a community of Orcish people. After the week, Save vs. Poison. If you fail, you will start to become Orcish. You cannot choose to automatically fail this Save. You will become quite strong and vigorous, then slow and stupid, then turn greenish and your teeth will protrude. You will forget your old personality and prefer orcishness in most cases.

How to stop being Orcish: Spend 70 GPs per character level and live for one month with a religious order. They will lock you up and cure you, much in the same manner as they could cure someone suffering from lycanthropy. Alternately, allow an apothecary and four strong men to heal you over the course of the month - it does not require clerical magic per se. Rates and success vary.


  1. Love this, maybe make the stat changes relative though.

    1. So glad to hear it. Yes! Make it however you like in your game if you decide to use it.

      Also consider changing around other fantasy races just a little bit.

      - Zombies are killed by salt
      - Gnoles are the evil children of Gnomes and Trolls. They look like humanoid ourangutans, live in trees, covet rubies, and like to eat wayward children.
      - Kobolds are little blue humanoids who live in the walls of peoples' cottages. They go to work and tend their kitchens just like people do. The men are expert miners and the women are expert cooks. If you treat them well they bring good fortune and if you treat them badly, they cause mischief.

      Little things make a huge difference