Friday, March 29, 2019

Blackmoor's Favor and Stones of the Ancients

Tin Jin the Bandit King thanked the fellowship for their service in slaying the septarch and returning the golems' hearts to him. "Promised to you I did some token equal to your valor. Tin Jin deliver to you." They hadn't had a choice in the matter. Not really. It was fight the septarch or fight 299 wild and bloodthirsty bandits on their own turf.

He pulled a red velvet sack from a foot locker and put it gingerly on the table. What could be inside? Bars of Platinum? Rubies? Some strange potions? 

He carefully upended and emptied the bag. There on the table tumbled out four stones of glass, about the size of a bar of soap, with glyphs carved intricately on one side. There was one each in red, gold, green and blue.

"Read the glyphs upon these stones. Venerate the ancients they named: Zagyg, Braunstein, Blackmoor and Og. They will give you a boon for as long as you carry them, but you must make the prayer each morning or the magic is lost to you for the day."

The fellows each picked up a gem. They read the inscriptions solemnly aloud, and for a brief moment, each was surrounded by a dark force field that manifested with a sound like a bat's screech; then the force fields faded.

"That's it?" Said Robert Bluetooth, with disappointment. "It only lasted but a moment."

Tin Jin smiled with a twinkle in his eye. "The dweomercraft last all day. Invisible and waiting to turn away blades of foes."

Stone of the Ancients: wt 10 cn. Value 2,500 GP

When venerated in the morning and carried on your person, this stone grants a 1 point deflection bonus to Armor Class and a 1 point bonus to all Saving Throws. It is as heavy as glass and fragile, so wise adventurers will wrap it in their bedrolls or similar for protection.

"Tonight we feast. Three kinds meat! Tomorrow we hold joust: you put armor up against our fresh horses and supplies. Then you go and never come back to the realm of Bandit King."

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