Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Use Your Words!

Our party was ambushed by two named NPCs and their gaggle of mooks on the way to the Tabernacle of Freya to warn the priestesses of the approaching dark elf army. 

Ambush by -kardisart-

My cleric cast Hold Person and froze two mooks. The rest were killed and one main bad guy escaped. 

After taking them prisoner and hearing they were mercenary soldiers from far away, my cleric offered to employ them as his men at arms rather than killing or imprisoning them. 

Now he has two 2nd level fighters for relatively short money - half price as it turns out. They were making 20 silver pieces a month as regular soldiers. Usually a level 2 fighter makes 200 GP per month. So I offered them 100 GP per month each and their eyeballs turned into dollar signs.

A lot of times talking leads to unexpected and interesting results.